This could be your website after it has been hacked.



Let HG REAL help you to prevent this. We can help you to make IT safe.†††

What do we not do:

        Designing, creating or modifying your website

        Onsite consultancy

        Hosting website

        Classic penetration testing

        Protect your website

        DDOS attacks


What we do:

        Look for insecurity on your website

        Be smarter and faster than any hacker

        Explain you how we cracked it


How it works:

You approve that we help you to find any insecurity on your website. We create a normal customer account on your website. If this comes with a cost you give us a test account instead. As long we do not find anything, you pay nothing. So if your website is secure, itís free. When we find an insecurity then we report this to you and you decide if you want to pay to get the fully detailed report from how we did it and how you can prevent it. We work with a standard price of Ä500 (excluded VAT) per fully detailed report. For more info you can contact us at



Examples of what we find:


        Shutting down your website

        Change the content of your website

        Takeover of your complete infrastructure

        Takeover of your internet domain

        Change prices on your website

        Retrieving all information of all your customers

        Changing data of all your customer

        Linking payment methods of one customer to another customer

        Redirect payments of customers to our bank account

        Place orders on behalf of other customers

        Order things for free or for less money

        Getting money back from orders we never placed

        Changing payout in casino games